Rachel Pechek

Rodilá mluvčí z Kanady

Hi there!

My name is Rachel and I'm very excited to be joining the Jazykan family. When I moved to Znojmo in August 2017 from Canada, I had no idea I would land myself in such a crazy, fun, motivational job. Shortly after arriving, I started looking for a place to learn the Czech language. As fate would have it, I came upon Jazykan. The more I learned about the teaching style used here, the more I loved it! I am proud to be an English teacher in such a professional and passionate group. 
Now a little about myself... I am full of energy. I love animals, my family and hockey (naturally... I am Canadian, remember!). I graduated from the University of Windsor in 2017 with a double major in biology and biochemistry, a pre-medical undergraduate program. That being said, my true passion has always been teaching. Throughout the better half of my life, I have been teaching horses and people to work together and communicate well with each other.  This has been a huge asset when teaching English. I understand the challenges, the benefits and of course the JOYS of learning another language!! Its very rewarding to see my students succeed in learning how to communicate in a new way. 

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