Michael Herbert

Certifikovaný lektor z ANGLIE/

Hello!  I’m Michael.

I love my job!  I’ve been working as an English teacher in the Czech Republic since the beginning of 2014.  In that time I’ve been lucky enough to teach some amazing people, and work in some amazing environments.  I love teaching in Jazykan, because the passion and mentality is that everyone wants to be the best, and find the easiest and most effective way  for our students to not just learn, but also develop their language and be able to use it naturally.  As such, I’m allowed to introduce and try new things, and try to make each lesson fun.  Which is great for me, because many of the old ways of teaching only give information to students without actually helping them to understand how to use it.


I was born in England, and for the past 12 years I have conducted some form of teaching or training to both adults & children; native and non-native speakers.  I love what I do, and believe that every teacher should have the desire to help people, because that is what we do.  And in this subject, the more you speak, the better you become… so I really enjoy that we can remove people’s fear of speaking and give them confidence.

Advanced TEFL Certificate.pdf (136,9 kB)

Michael Herbert Certificates.pdf (391,5 kB)




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